The Italic Languages: Volscian

General Notes

Volscian is an Italic language in the Osco-Umbrian family. Its forms can be said to be more closely related to Umbrian


The Volscian alphabet is derived from an early Latinate alphabet.


  • P in place of /qu/: Volsc. pis, Lat. quis.
  • Monophthongization of diphthongs as in Umbrian: Volsc. declune, Lat. Declonae.
  • Loss of final /d/ as in Umbrian.
  • Ç for /k/ (assibilation) before front vowels as in Umbrian: Volsc. façia, Lat. faciat.


    esaristro-, sacrifice.
    medix, a type of magistrate, meddix.
    tota-, city, state, public.

    Sample Inscription: the Tabula Veliterna

    deue declune statom. sepis atahus, pis uelestrom
    façia esaristrom se bim asif, uesclis uinu arpatitu
    sepis toticu couehriu sepu, ferom pihom estu.
    ec se cosuties ma ca tafanies medix sistiatiens.

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