Recommended Classics-Mediterranean Archaeology Books

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Classical Language Books by Evolution Publishing

Vol. 1: A Vocabulary of Etruscan by Claudio R. Salvucci
Vol. 2: A Vocabulary of Oscan by Claudio R. Salvucci

Vol. 3: A Vocabulary of Umbrian by Carl Darling Buck

General Reference

Introduction to Attic Greek by Donald J. Mastronarde

Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect by Richard J. Cunliffe

Bibliography of Etruscan Culture and Archaeology by George E Fay

Etruscan Life and Afterlife : A Handbook of Etruscan Studies by Larissa Bonfante (Editor)

Linear B and Related Scripts (Reading the Past) by John Chadwick

Cuneiform (Reading the Past, Vol 3) by C. B. F. Walker

Runes (Reading the Past, Vol 4) by R. I. Page

Greek Inscriptions (Reading the Past, Vol 5) by B. F. Cook

Egyptian Hieroglyphics (Reading the Past, Vol 6) by W. V. Davies

Etruscan (Reading the Past, Vol 8) by Larissa Bonfante

Early Alphabet (Reading the Past, Vol 9) by John F. Healey

Maya Glyphs (Reading the Past) by S. D. Houston


The Laviniad : An Epic Poem by Claudio R. Salvucci

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