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English Dialect Links

General Interest

  • Lowlands-L a discussion group for people who are interested in Lowlands languages and cultures. (Includes English and Scots)
  • A Celebration of English Dialect in England A UK website which purports to "encourage the use of traditional English Dialects which have been threatened almost to extinction by the dominance of Standard English in the media."

  • American Slanguages. Brief examples of dialect usage from about 40 American cities, states, and regions rendered in common English spelling. Also contains examples from 5 other English-speaking countries: Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, and South Africa.
  • English Dialect Information Exchange (EDIE-CECTAL).
  • English Based Creoles. From the Ethnologue Database.

  • British Isles

  • United Kingdom English for the American Novice
  • What a load of codswallop, pet! Words that could be confusing and embarrassing in the UK & US
  • Manx English an overview

  • Scotland
  • Glossary of Scottish Dialect Terms
  • The Scots Haunbuik
  • Scots on the Wab - (Glossary)
  • DoricNet the web page for the language of the North East of Scotland
  • Glaswegian Dialect

  • England
  • BritSpeak: English as a Second Language for Americans
  • Richard Smith's Compendium of Britishisms
  • British slang glossary
  • British and American English
  • Newcastle Brown - Geordie Slang
  • Lakeland Dialect Society Cumbrian dialect
  • GeordieWorld (Tyneside)
  • The Black Country Dialect
  • Completely Lanky: the Lancashire Dialect
  • Yorkshire Dialect Society Homepage
  • Dialects - Potteries - Stoke-on-Trent Potteries area of North Staffordshire
  • Jabez and North Staffordshire Dialect
  • Alan Cossey's Norfolk Grammar
  • Norfolk England Dialect (with sound files)
  • Norfolk: Language and Languages
  • Language in London. (the Cockney dialect)
  • The Cockney Handbook
  • Cockney Rhyming Slang
  • Lernz ta tawks lika PIKEY... (Surrey)
  • The Wiltshire Accent
  • The Local Dialect (Somerset)
  • The Cornish Dialect

  • Ireland
  • Craigyhill Glossary - Larne, Northern Ireland
  • The O'Byrne Files: Dublin Slang Dictionary and Phrasebook

  • Africa

    Sierra Leone
  • The Krio Page

  • South Africa
  • How to Speak Seffrican Like A Native A Glossary of the New South African Lingo
  • Cyberbraai lexons What South Africans really mean when they say the things they say.

  • Australasia

    New Guinea
  • A bibliography of Melanesian Pidgin English dictionaries, phrase books and study guides

  • Australia
  • Australia Online - Diction-aussie(c)
  • Aussie Link : Strine
  • Language: Aussie words/phrases
  • A Glossary of Australian Slang
  • Larry's Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary
  • Outrageous Aussie Sayings
  • Strine, or an Aussie Lexicon
  • Australian Vocabulary
  • Australian slang dictionary
  • Kev's Down-Under Dictionary
  • Goway's Australian "Downunder-Dictionary"
  • Australian English Glossary from A to Zed
  • Norfolk Island - Language

  • New Zealand
  • Local Lingo of New Zealand Speak Like A Kiwi
  • N.Z. English to U.S. English Dictionary by Akiko International
  • New Zealand Expressions by Akiko International
  • New Zealand with downloadable Kiwi Glossary

  • Polynesia
  • Pitcairn Phrase Book

  • Antarctica

  • Talk like a Beaker The vocabulary of Antarctic researchers.
  • Dictionary of Antarctic Slang

  • Apologies if many of these links are now disconnected. Keeping them up to date can be an arduous task. If you know of or maintain links dealing with varieties of English as spoken around the world, or if any of these links are defunct, please let me know .

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