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Bibliography of Mid-Atlantic Dialects

Here are some bibliographical references I have collected in the course of my research. This list is neither complete nor comprehensive, and a diligent researcher can certainly uncover more sources in local books and periodicals. Feel free to contact me if you have written or know of more references that you think should be included here.           --Claudio Salvucci

General interest, with some information on Mid-Atlantic dialects
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[Contains several chapters devoted to Mid-Atlantic linguistics.  Reviews various studies of mostly Philadelphia and New York City, but also touches on the "Northern Cities" (including Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester), and some issues of rural Pennsylvania speech.]
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State by State Listings

In this section, each state is considered individually from north to south.  The references directly under the state name deal with speech in the entire state, or large regions of it.  Following the state listings are city and county listings in alphabetical order. Occasionally, ethnic groups will also be referenced in this way.

New York State
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New York: Buffalo
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New York: Ithaca
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New York: Madison County
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New York: New York City
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New York: Roxbury
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New Jersey
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New Jersey: Pine Barrens
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Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Germans
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NB. A thorough bibliography on the Pittsburgh dialect has been compiled by Barbara Johnstone at Carnegie Mellon University and can be found online at: http://english.cmu.edu/home/johnstone/recentpubs.htm)
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
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Washington, DC
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